Weekly Report (19th Sept to 25 Sept 2017)

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Weekly Report ( 19th Sept to 25 the Sept)

The heat wave continues as we head towards the end of September. The last week has been another scorcher.

I’m not going to complain, but for me personally,  I find too much heat is worse than if I’m cold, 

The days between Labor Day and Super Dirt Week are always full of special events, and the weather has been perfect for them.

This past week , I only had one doctors appointment on my agenda, which was scheduled for Saturday (23 Sept) , Yes , it was unusual to have an appointment on a Saturday, but that’s how it is. On Wednesday (20 Sept) I had a phone call telling me it had been cancelled , with the good news that I could go on Thursday instead.

My racing plans for the weekend had been arranged around that Saturday appointment so I was able to change things around a bit. Originally I had planned to have  Saturday off and catch up with stuff at home.

Once again I have to thank my buddy Don Simpson for helping me out with transportation this weekend. Our destination on Friday (22 Sept) was the RPM Speedway at St Marcel in Quebec, and we set off in the middle of the afternoon to be there in good time for the start.

The big race of the night was a DirtCar Series race for the 358 Modifieds, and there were a few long distance travellers present. Jordon McCreadie and Lance Willix were there from Watertown NY.  

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Before taking my lawn chair on to the middle I listened into the drivers meeting which was being conducted by DirtCar official , Denis Moquin.

Once out in the middle taking pictures, Don and I were joined by fellow ‘togs’ Dan Mailhot and Pat Leclerc.

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As well as the 358 Modified Series race, there was a regional Series Race for the Sportsman, as well as the domestic divisions of Speedsters, Mini Modifieds and Slingshots.

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The Feature race for the 358’s was the first of the headline events,

It was a 75 lapper and as the race got to the closing stages fans were treated to a great battle at the front between Steve Bernard and David Hebert.

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Thats how they finished with Steve Bernier taking third spot.

Don and I decided to make our exit at this point, and in our absence, Robert Delormier won the Sportsman race.

I now had a Saturday free for racing, and there were three good possibilities to choose from. The Big Block Modified Super Dirt Series was taking place at the Fonda Speedway NY, there was an another 358 Modified Series at Autodrome Drummond Quebec, or a Sportsman Series race at the Brighton Speedway in Ontario.

I decided to head to Brighton, because as well as the Sportsman Series, it was the Applefest Shoot Out for 358 Mods.  I hadn’t been to this event for over two years, and on many of my previous visits the weather had been terrible. With all this late summer sunshine we’ve been having , it  was a golden opportunity for me to attend the event without being cold and damp.

I was there by mid afternoon, and found a nice shady spot in the parking lot to place my lawn chair and take a snooze .

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Nearer to the start time I wandered in side to the pits and listened to promoter Mark Rinaldi and Dirt Car official Corey Reed conduct the drivers meeting.

After this I joined my ‘Tog’ friend Dale Calnan on the middle to take some pics.

Unfortunately , the heat races were plagued by cautions, and it took quite a while to get to Features time.  

There was a full schedule of races on the program, that included, the domestic Pro Stocks, Late Models and Canadian Modifieds (similar to IMCA Mods) .

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Brighton Speedway , Ont 23 Sept 2017 www.rickattheraces.com
Brighton Speedway , Ont 23 Sept 2017 www.rickattheraces.com

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I had decided before making my decision to be there, that if things went on late , I would head for home early.

I should really be taking things easy, but ‘me being me’ , and I’ve said it before, my idea of convalescence is not sitting at home looking at the walls.

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First Feature of the night, was for the Pro Stocks, with the Sportsman feature on next, and the 358 Mods slotted in as fourth to run, after the Late Models.

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After watching a really good Sportsman Series race , that was won by Johnathon Ferguson, it was nearly 10-30 , so  I headed for home.

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I don’t like  missing a Modified Feature , but a ‘near to’ mid night finish would be no good for me.

I later heard that Matt Williamson got the Victory. Brighton is a great little track, I just wish I could of stayed longer.

While I was at Brighton, the Super Dirt Series at Fonda was won by Bobby Varin, and Steve Bernard scored another 358 Series victory at Drummond.

Around lunchtime on Sunday, Don picked me up for our planned trip to the Airborne Speedway, at Plattsburgh NY.

It was an afternoon show scheduled to start at 2-00pm.

Headline event was a Sportsman DirtCar Series event in addition to a 358 Modified , Leon Gonyo Memorial race.

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Leon was one of the top local Modified drivers, until he recently passed away.

A picture I took of Mike Perrotte and Leon Gonyo at Arborne a few years back
A picture I took of Mike Perrotte and Leon Gonyo at Arborne a few years back


On arrival,  we were once again , well looked after by our good friend Chris Craft the pit controller. Don parked his car by the Tech building while we took our pictures.

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Airborne Speedway NY 24 Sept 2017 www.rickattheraces.com
Airborne Speedway NY 24 Sept 2017 www.rickattheraces.com

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I took some on the exit of turn four and some on the middle.

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As well as the Mods and Sportsman , the program consisted of ‘Strictly Stock, Renegades and Mini Mods.

After the intermission the Features took place.

The Sportsman race was a real good one, with the last ten laps consisting of a side by side battle between local hero Bucko Branham and Alex Lajoie.

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They traded places a number of times before Lajoie got to the front when it mattered.

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Third place man was Robert Delormier.

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We had another good dog fight in the Leon Gonyo Memorial race, where Steve Bernier and Mike Perrotte fought it out.

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Bernier took this one, with Perrotte second and Chris Raabe third.

The last race of the day, the Mini Mod feature was all done by 5-45 pm, and by 6-00 pm , Don and I were on our way , and heading for Canada.

Before crossing the the border, we took time out at the Twin Leaf diner for a spaghetti supper. I’d enjoyed it so much last weekend, I couldn’t resist another plateful .