January 2018 Report

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January 2018 Report

After spending Christmas with my family in Texas, I was back in the cold white North of Cornwall , Ontario for New Years Day.

As you would expect, January has been a quiet month regarding racing, so I’ve spent most of the time keeping warm in doors. 

The extreme cold looked good for an early start to my local ice racing season, so  on Saturday 6 Jan, I set off for the Kahnewake Marina, just outside Montreal for their opener.

It was a terrible morning, with  minus 20 degree centigrade temperatures, and blowing snow.

I arrived around lunchtime, to find just a handful of race cars still on their trailers in the lot, and  one car out on the ice practicing.

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It was obvious it had been cancelled due to the conditions.

So it meant no early start to my racing season.

On 17/18 January , I was back at the Cornwall Hospital to resume my next course of monthly I.V.I.G transfusions.

My 2018 racing season finally got its kick start on Saturday 27 January when I made another trip to the Kahnawake Marina.

This time, there were at least 25 cars in attendance and the temperature at around zero degrees ‘C’  which made it ideal for watching the races.

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Even so, like the norm for me, when I go to ice races, I never stayed for  too long, just long enough to see all the cars do their heats and get a few pictures.

That was adequate  to give me my racing fix.

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