Mid March Report 2018

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Mid March Report 2018

 March in the North East, is always one of the quieter racing months, the ice racing is usually over , and it’s too early for regular racing. It’s time for pre-season shows and social functions. I didn’t stray too far from home during the first part of the month and confined my sporting visits to the local hockey games.

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I attended the Cornwall City Complex on three occasions to watch the Colts.

On the weekend of 10/11 March it was the annual Motor Sports Expo in Syracuse NY , which also coincided with my daughter Carla, arriving in Toronto on a 6 day business trip. This would be a great opportunity for some father and daughter quality time.

My plan was to visit the Syracuse Show on Saturday and then Carla on Sunday and Monday. Quite an agenda, so I decided to take it easy and pace my self. In the past I would of taken a schedule like this in my stride, but these days I need to slow down a bit.

After crossing in to the USA at my local Cornwall border point, I drove down to Adams  NY for a lunch date and chat , with my good friend Dawn Kamff. From there I carried on to the New York Sate Fairgrounds in Syracuse for the Expo.

I was there before 2-00 pm and it wasn’t long before I started bumping in to friends.


My  buddy, and fellow photographer John Meloling snapped this one, of me chatting with Ted Lesage.

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As usual there were plenty of race cars on show and vendors booths. Many of the New York Speedways had displays and had their 2018 schedule cards on hand for eager fans.

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I chatted with various track representatives including Mike Bruno of Devils Bowl VT, Ryan Bartlett of Can Am NY , John Walker of Airborne NY and Dirt Car director Mike Perrotte. Mike has been a good friend for many years.

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Around 4-00 pm, I made my exit from the show.

I was soon on the road and heading for the border at Niagara Falls. After about two and a half hours, I was booking in to the Motel 6 on the Canadian side.  Before getting my head down for the night a hearty supper was had at the AlMacs Buffet .

Sunday was the day, that the clocks were put forward as we go into Spring, and even after losing one hour, I was still on the road at 7-00 am in the morning heading for Toronto.

I wasn’t planning to meet Carla too early , as she’d arrived on Saturday after a 16 hour flight from Honk Kong, and I was expecting her to still be jet lagged. She’d been away from her home in Austin, Texas on a business trip that was due to end after a four day conference in Toronto.

So, before meeting up at the Sheraton  Hotel in down town, there was another place in the city I wanted to visit.

One of my interests away from racing, is diecast toy cars, and there was a collectors fair and swap meet taking place at the Birkdale Center in Scarborough. It was running from 9-00 am , in the morning until 1-30 pm. Like many others, I was there when the doors opened, and was soon looking through the tables full of ‘goodies’.

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I spent an hour there, and came away with a nice Mercury Marauder.

From Scarborough I drove down the Don Valley Parkway in the direction of down town and was soon at the Hotel.

Carla was waiting for me at the main entrance and after I’d got  settled in , we took a short walk down the road to Jack Astors on Front Street.

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The meal , of steak and mushrooms  with a baked potato topped in melted cheese and onions, and accompanied by an assortment of vegetables, was really excellent. It  was washed down with a nice cold glass of Shock Top.

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There was a great view of the city from the room on the 42nd floor.

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Toronto City Hall and the open air ice rink were in full view.

On Monday morning after a Tim Hortons breakfast we took a slow walk through the underground city to check out the Conference Center where Carla would be working during her stay.

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This is located beside the cities most famous landmark, the CN Tower. We’d both taken a trip to the top over 24 years ago and had thought about doing it again.


After looking at the prices , we decided against it.

By now it was it 1-00 pm and Carla had work to do in the afternoon, so instead of walking back to the Hotel, we got a UBER ride . This was a ‘first’ for me.

Once back at the Sheraton, my HHR was picked up at reception from the valet parking, and I set off for the journey back to Cornwall.

By leaving at 1-30 pm , I was able to get out of the city before the evening rush. I made a stop for a late lunch at a little cafe near Bowmansville then a Tim Hortons and Gas stop on the 401 near Kingston.

I was back home in Cornwall by 6-30 pm , in good time to watch the Monday night double episodes of Coronation Street on TV.

After returning home,  snow returned to my area the following day.

I was due to have my I.V.I.G transfusions at the Cornwall Hospital on Wed/Thur 14/15 March, but due to me not feeling too well,  the medics decided to postpone them.

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