Mid April 2018 Report

Mid April 2018 Report

The Easter weekend fell early this year, with Sunday falling on the 1st April.  I was still fighting off the flu like symptoms that prevented me from having my monthly IVIG transfusions in March.

So my Easter was a quiet one. With no sign of the sickness going away, another X Ray confirmed I had pneumonia, and anti biotics were prescribed.

By Friday 6 April, I found enough energy to drive across the International Bridge from Cornwall, to my local Mohawk International Raceway’s annual awards banquet. As usual it was held at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino.

I sat with Race Director P.J Hearne and announcers Tim Baltz and Brian Page.

Things got underway about 6-45pm  with a lovely supper, which was followed by the presentations.

The various champions from all the divisions were given their awards, with Tim Fuller getting the coveted  trophy for the Modifieds.

The presentations were all over by 8-45 pm, which allowed me to make my exit to attend another function that was taking place that night.

Back over the bridge in Cornwall, and just five minutes from my house, my good friend Denise Morin Lubbers ( mother of Dirt Modified driver Gage Morin ) was organizing a fund raising night for CHEO ( Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario)

It had a country theme and was being held at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Amelia Street.

Denise, (far right) and helpers

I arrived just after 9-00 pm and sat with Brian Mulligan, Ron Morin and his good lady Reina.

There were quite a few local race fans in attendance that joined Denise’s friends from the ‘Line Dancing’ community.

The music was excellent and I stayed a lot longer than intended.

It turned out to be a very enjoyable night. I was tired and still feeling the effects of my pneumonia when I arrived, so my original plan was to stay for only a short while.  I enjoyed sitting  at the table so much, listening to the music and watching everyone have fun , I ended up staying until 11-30 pm.

I was soon back home and after a good nights sleep and a lay in , I was out of bed before 11-00 am to watch the live TV coverage of the F1 Grand Prix from Bahrain. This was an exciting one, with Sebastian Vettel getting his second consecutive win for Ferrari.

My schedule for the following week involved a doctors appointment and two days of transfusions in the Cornwall Hospital.

On Saturday night I joined my good friend Chantel Lesage to attend the “Soiree Benefice Lebrun Racing”, a Spaghetti night , fund raiser for the Stephane Lebrun # 6 Pro Stock team.

Due to my sickness, I had to miss a similar event put on recently by the # 8 Marc Lalonde Team, so with the pneumonia now gone, I wasn’t going to miss this one.

It was being held at the Bar Beaujolais and we sat with Chantel’s dad ‘Tech Man’ Ted and his wife Jeannine .

The music and spaghetti was excellent, and I’m pleased to say, Ted and me both managed to eat all of it without spilling any  over our shirts.

There were plenty of prizes to be won, and items to be auctioned. About 140 people were in attendance and we had a great night .

A great job by  Stephane and Carole. (middle and right)

I didn’t stay to the end as bad weather was in the forecast. The predicted snow storm had already started, but I was back home in Cornwall before midnight.

I wasn’t feeling tired and was still awake around 2-00 am to watch the start of the televised F1 Grand Prix from Shanghai in China.

I watched the first few laps , but was too tired to stay up and see the whole race.

When I awoke in the morning, a quick check on line, revealed that Daniel Ricardo in the Red Bull was the winner, This was the third GP of the new season, and still there’s been no win for the usually dominant Mercedes. 

Around mid morning on Sunday 15 April, I set off in the snow and freezing rain for a short road trip to Plattsburgh NY.

My good friends at the Airborne Speedway were having their car show this weekend at the Champlain Center Mall. I arrived just after mid day.

There were more than a dozen cars in attendance and all parked up in an impressive looking display.

The first person I met was announcer and media guy Robby Knowles.

We had a good chat and we were soon joined by track boss John Walker (far Left) and the rest of his team.

While I was wondering around I also had a chance to talk to a couple of Airborne’s long time drivers, Bucko Branham # 20 and Jamy Begor # 19. 

Also in attendance were the representatives of Unique eCIGS, the title sponsors of the new Sportsman Series taking place between Airborne and the Mohawk International Raceway.

I spent about an hour in the Mall before making my exit.  The freezing rain had not let up, so some cautious driving was needed for the drive home.

Snow and freezing rain is unusual for April, so hopefully it will be gone before my racing plans get under way in the next few weeks.