Weekly Report 7th May 2018

Weekly Report    7th May 2018

The first week of May gave those of us who live in the North East a really strange mix of weather . The week started rainy, with even a few snow flakes, then on Friday  3 May we had hurricane force winds.

My plans for Friday, were to attend the season opener at the Can Am Speedway at Lafargeville, NY, but the weather conditions resulted in a cancelation as early as Thursday. This gave me plenty of time to think of a ‘Plan B’ , but most of the other available events within a do-able distance,  suffered the same fate.

I stayed at home listening to the high winds outside and following peoples tales of woe that the storm was causing, via Face Book. Once the high winds got started, the rain stopped, so overnight they helped the drying up process.

Just like magic, when I woke on Saturday morning, the sun was shining, and the high winds had gone. I was pleased about that, and even more pleased when I read the posting from the Airborne Speedway at Plattsburgh NY. 

It informed me that their evening show was definitely on. Apparently , they had suffered a lot of wind damage at the track, but nothing that was going to stop the show.

Just after lunch, I was joined by my ‘Tog’ buddy, Don Simpson for the short drive in the afternoon sunshine to Plattsburgh.  On our journey  we saw plenty of trees that had fallen down and an abundance of Hydro workers repairing power lines.

After a bite to eat and a cup of tea at the Panera Bread shop we were at the track around 4-00 pm.

Media man Robbie Knowles was at the gate when we arrived.

We soon saw the severity of the wind damage, with a number of the advertising boards knocked over.

Autodrome Drummond in Quebec had been one of the casualties of the weather and their Saturday show had been cancelled . This turned out to be a bonus for Airborne, who gained a good number of ‘invaders’. 

We had arrived early and in good time to attend the drivers meeting, that was conducted by Race Director Denis Moquin.

Once the cars took to the track , I was out there, ready with my camera.  As well as the domestic low budget divisions, there were over 30 Sportsman and 22 Modifieds in attendance.

Local Hero ‘Bucko’ Branham was the Sportsman Feature winner.

Alexandria, Ontario’s, Chris Raabe was the Modified Feature


The racing was all done soon after 10-00 pm and before long Don and I were heading back to the Canadian border .

Soon after mi-night I was back home in Cornwall.

One of my possible, destinations for Sunday 6th May, had been the Utica-Rome Speedway, at Vernon, NY, but this was yet another track to suffer the wrath on Mother Nature. In the end, Airborne was my only event this weekend.