December 2018


December 2018,

Well, another years is over, as Christmas winds down and we get ready for 2019.

The past year, was another quiet one for me , as I continued with treatment for my Myasthenia Gravis condition. In between various doctors appointments and trips to the hospital for I.V.I.G  transfusions, I still managed to attend a good number of races. I even managed to get a few  ‘new’ tracks under my belt. 

One of the tracks, which had been on my ‘hit list’ for many years was the United Downs Raceway , at St Day,  near Redruth, in Cornwall, England. In June I finally made it there,  during a trip back to the UK in June , and I wasn’t disappointed .

I will fondly remember that trip which included plenty of quality time with my family.

Another visit ‘back home’  , just for a few days, was made in November for my mothers 90th Birthday.

I turn 65 in February, so who knows what 2019 will bring for me .

My mind still has big ideas to go ‘here there and everywhere’ , but I will have to see what transpires.

I hope to see all my friends again,  around the tracks when racing resumes.


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