New Year Report 20 Jan 2019

New Year Report 20 Jan 2019

As usual, January was  a quiet month , as I waited for the ice on the St Lawrence to be thick enough for my local ice racing to get under way.

After a couple of months of  watching the Cornwall Colts Hockey team as the  source of my winter entertainment, I heard on Friday 18 January, that the Ice Racing season at the Kahnawake Marina in Quebec, would be ready the next day (Saturday).

So, mid morning,  I set off from my home in Cornwall in the frigid temperatures. It was minus 22 C ( minus 7 F) when I arrived in Kahnewake and luckily didn’t have to wait around for long.

At about 12-30 the first race was about to start and by the time the green flag fell, I’d got my place on the ice.

This was a race for the large 8 cylinder cars , which was then followed by the 4 cylinders.

Two races were good enough for me, in those kind of temperatures, I’d got my fix of racing and a bunch of pictures, so made a quick exit.

Before long  I was back in the warm of my car and heading for a local eatery. 

By mid afternoon I’d arrived home in Cornwall,  in good time to avoid the looming overnight storm.

I woke up Sunday to 12 inches of snow !

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