Weekly Report (25 Feb 2019)

Weekly Report (25 Feb 2019)

The last week was pretty uneventful , as the winter weather continued to play havoc in my area. It was a good time to hibernate in doors in the warm.

On Saturday , 23rd Feb, the sun came out and I went along to something a bit different that was taking place, just a half an hour drive from my home in Cornwall, Ontario.

When traveling from Cornwall to Quebec ,  Hwy 401 becomes AutoRoute 20 when you cross the provincial border, and just a few miles further, you will find the Saint Zotoque exit.

At this exit,  as well as a McDonalds, there is a Karting track and a lake for Water Skiing. Obviously during the winter, there is no Water Skiing going on, but this weekend the frozen lake was being put to good use for something else.

Ice racing for Lawn Tractors , was taking place , so I went along to take a look. Lawn Tractors regularly race on the Cornwall Motor Speedway,  Kart Track, so I’d seen them before, but not on the ice.

I was there early enough to find a good spot to park my car right beside the track, so I didn’t have to stand around too long in the cold.

I enjoyed my visit, although Lawn Tractors are not really my thing, even so, it was just nice to get out of the house for a couple of hours.