Early February Report (10 Feb 2019)

Early February Report  (10th Feb 2019)

“I made it ”   !   

On the 1st of February I reached the milestone age, of 65 .  I officially became “an old geezer” and can now claim seniors discount when I get my haircut LOL.

I celebrated the special day, with my special friend Chantel Lesage. On Saturday (2 Feb) we went out for supper at the International Buffet in Gatineau, Quebec.

It just so happened to be a Mexican theme night, and they had musicians playing as the customers dined.

With the weekend over, Monday morning began with day one, of my monthly,  two day visits to the Cornwall Hospital for my I.V.I.G transfusions.

What with all the medical appointments, and other things, like  pensions that I’ve had to deal with , there was no chance of me heading to Florida for the winter Dirt races. It’s such a depressing time of year, when you hear posts on social media , of friends heading for the sun and your stuck in the great white north . It’s been a really cold and snowy start to the year, here in Eastern Ontario and it would of been nice to get away.

The frigid temperatures do have one good advantage. They  allow my local ice racing to take place unhindered.

On Saturday 9th Feb, I made the short trip to Beauharnois, in Quebec where the Kilo Watts club, race each year on the frozen St Lawrence Seaway . I like to attend at least once during their ice racing season.

It was the perfect day  for it, with cold temperatures and a bright sunny sky, Racing started at 4-00 pm and I was at the waterfront  in good time to visit the nearby Tim Hortons, before venturing on to the ice. While inside, I bumped into Guillame Doust, from the Doust Family Dirt Modified team that’s based in the town.We sat and had coffee before I drove my Chev Impala on to ice.

I parked up on the exit of turn two, and that’s where I remained.

The perfect spot to take photos from the warmth of my car.

Also there taking pictures was my good friend Sylvain Louwers, a fellow media guy from the Cornwall Motor Speedway.

I stayed for awhile before heading back to Cornwall.

On Sunday (10 February) something a bit different was happening just a five minute drive from my house.

A few years ago a group of my local Dirt Racers got together at the Cornwall Civic Complex to play a game of hockey for a bit of fun. Back then it was labelled as the Modified V Sportsman hockey game and it was quite a success .

Well , it’s happened again , thanks to the organizing efforts of Dirt Sportsman driver Ryan Stabler.

This time it was called the Racers V Racers hockey game which was once again held at the Civic Complex.

Face off time was 12-00 noon, and there was great turn out from many local drivers, their teams and fans.


It was a lot of fun, and was enjoyed by all.

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