Weekly Report (16th July 2019)

Weekly Report  (16th July 2019)

A few weeks ago I was complaining about how  cold it was for this time of year, but hot weather is now with us , just in time for all the  mid week races that are on offer during the summer.

I had nothing planned until  Wednesday night when I went along to the Brockville Ontario Speedway’s Kart night.

Steve Barber , one of our local 358 Modified drivers is now the organizer of the weekly Kart nights and contacted me a few weeks ago, to see if I’d go along t to take some pictures. With none of the regular type of racing going on nearby, this was a good opportunity to pay a visit.

I decided to make a day of it, and thought it would be a good idea to go via Smith Falls and see an old friend. 

Dave Heaslip , now 75 years old, quit 358 Modified racing a few years back, but still works each day at his scrap metal business in the town.

I’ve known him and his wife Judy for many years and helped out arranging his trip to represent Canada in the BriSCA F1 World Final at Coventry , England in 2003.


I arrived at his yard at about 4-00 pm where I found Judy working in the office and Dave busy with some scrap.

We chatted for a while about old times before I headed down to Brockville.

On arrival it wasn’t long before I bumped into many friends. Steve Barber thanked me for coming, track promoter Paul Kirkland was there  as well as  former Modified racer Matt Billings , who was the starter.

Good friends and family of my late friend Craig Revelle were there with the # 17 Kart which brother Randy now drives.

I stayed until light faded before heading back home to Cornwall.

On Thursday I had an appointment at the Ottawa Hospital with my Myasthenia Gravis specialist doctor. The hot weather often makes  the symptoms worse, and I’ve been feeling the effects lately .

On Friday 12th July it was a regular evening of racing at the Mohawk International Raceway.

It was another warm and dry night but continuous heavy rain the previous night had took its toll on the track.

It was a difficult track to race on, and there was plenty of car damage. It was a shame really , as there were extra cars in the pits due to nearby Can Am taking a night off.

Anyway the racing went on regardless and the show got in the books.

The Sportsman feature was won by Kristian Smoke.

and it was Chris Raabe that took the Modified Feature .

My Myasthenia Gravis symptons had continued giving me some issues, I had very little energy and all I wanted to do was sit and rest.

I was feeling tired and had no body strength, so on Saturday I decided to take a day off from racing, ‘recharge’ my batteries and stay at home.

There were still two more race days to go  this week, so I wanted to be fit for them.

My Sunday morning started on the couch with a breakfast appointment for the the live TV coverage of the British Grand Prix from Silverstone.

What a great race this was, plenty of drama as cars traded positions, then an incident where Sebastien Vettel punted out Max Verstappen, BriSCA F1 style. 

Lewis Hamilton picked up the win.

After relaxing around the house for nearly two days, I was ready to join my friend Chanty for an evening visit to the Cornwall Motor Speedway.

It was the first of two ‘back to back’ DirtCar 358 Series Races. The second, taking place at the Mohawk International Raceway on Monday night.

We arrived at the track around 5-00 pm and the pits were filling up already. As expected it had attracted many visitors, as DirtCar endeavor to bring the Small Block Series back to its former glory.

Joining the 358’s on the program were the Sportsman, Pro Stocks and Mini Stocks.

The Modified feature was a 100 lapper where Steve Bernard the early leader, was chased by Ericke Rudolphe , Mat Williamson and Mike Mahaney.

Once Williamson got to the front, that’s where he stayed , with only Mahaney offering a challenge.

Following his Series win at Fulton, a few weeks ago, this was the second in a row for Williamson of St Catherines , Ontario.

The Sportsman Feature followed and was won, local Cornwall driver, Ryan Stabler.

Final race of the night was the Pro Stock feature, where another Cornwall driver, Dave Seguin took the checkers.

It sure is nice when I have two big races taking place at my two local tracks, that are located just a ten minute drive from my house.

Monday night I was back across the bridge to Hogansburg NY.  for my second visit within a week to the M.I.R. This time with no rain since Friday, the track was in a lot better shape, and we were treated to a great nights racing. 

It was the day two of the DirtCar 358 Series  as well as the annual Pete Mitchell Memorial Race for Sportsman.

Mod Lites also joined the program, which included my good friend Josee Fortier.

For the Hot Laps, Eric Gouvreau , kindly let me stand on the roof of their hauler , to get some different shots.

My Tog buddy Don Simpson, and I , were then joined out on the middle by DirtCar Media man Joe Grabianowski .

The 75 lap Modified feature race was up first, and it was Mat Williamson who drew a front row spot, with Mike Maresca beside him.

Maresca took the early lead, but it wasn’t long before Williamson got passed.

Most of the action was taking place behind him,  where we looked down to see who were the likely contenders. Billy Dunn , looked good as did Ericke Rudolphe, Tim Fuller and Danny Johnson, but there was no stopping Mat Williamson, who went on to collect his third consecutive Series win.

Dunn was runner up while Rudolphe completed the podium in third.

Next up was the Pete Mitchell Memorial Race which as in previous years, was given a bag-pipe salute by the Hogansburg and Akwesasne Fire Service.

This was definitely a race full of drama . I don’t want to say anything that’s too controversial but lets put it this way.

The race leader was put  off the track by the second placed car,  and after the caution, the race continued without a  ‘black flag’ being issued. Later on after a second caution, for something unassociated, the victim took his revenge during the slowing down laps. That’s all I’m saying LOL.

Once the two cars were removed from the track, a good race continued to the flag  between Cedric Gauvreau and Johnathan Fergusson, with Jessica Power not far behind.

Gauvreau took the checkers as they crossed the line in that order.

Time was getting on, so I left the track before the Mod Lite Feature, and I was soon back over the bridge and home.

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