Weekly Report (25 July 2019)

Weekly Report (25 July 2019)

Some times the best prepared racing agendas , end up nothing like what I originally planned , and this past week was a prime example.

With the Sprint Cars in town at my local tracks of Cornwall and Brockville, I decided to head in the opposite direction. Anyone who knows me will confirm my feelings towards the Sprint Cars.

My original plans were to attend the regular show on Friday night at the Mohawk International Raceway, then head off with my friend Chanty , down to the Fulton Speedway on Saturday and then stay down for the Utica-Rome Speedway on Sunday .

This all looked good until Mother Nature added her piece to the mix.

Recent  high temperatures all over the North East caused many tracks to cancel due to the dangers of the extreme heat,  and M.I.R and Fulton were two of the casualties.

My Friday night was lost to racing, and my usual ‘plan B’ of Brewerton Speedway was also a heat victim. 

With know idea how the other tracks would react, Chanty and I made a last minute decision to set off to Autodrome Drummond for Saturdays show,  and find a Hotel with a nice swimming pool.

Our  late decision meant we were late arriving at the track, so for most of the night instead of being out in the middle taking pics,  I was back to being a ‘race fan’ and sitting in the pits grandstand.

The racing was excellent that night. First of the feature races was for the Sportsman where Alex Lajoie was the winner.

The Modified feature was one of the best I’ve seen for a long time with a great race long battle for first place between Claude Brouillard, David Hebert , Mario Clair and Steve Bernard. Add to that Yan Bussiere , who joined the foursome in the latter stages to make it one hell of race , with the winner always in doubt , right up to the checkers.

Veteran driver, ‘The Silver Fox’ Brouillard , took the win with Hebert and Clair close behind him.

On Sunday Chanty and I  took advantage of the pool and the hot weather.

We also went for a nice shank of beef meal at the Baton Rouge bar and grill. My first time there, and it got top marks from both of us. 

On Monday, I was at Autodrome Drummond once again.

It was the first of two back to back Quebec races for the SUPER DIRTCAR SERIES.

When the series hits Quebec, you know its going to be a fun time and the fans always fill the grandstands at both tracks.

I had plenty of time to mix with friends and check out the pits 

This time I was back to my usual role of photographer, and out on the middle for the heat races.

After Intermission the driver intros took place with all the razzmatazz  that you come to expect at Drummond.   

The 100 lap big race was taken by Erick Rudolphe, with Stewart Friesen second and Jimmy Phelps third.

Once the Victory Lane shots were done, it was time to head for home. 

On Tuesday, it was the turn of Autodrome Granby to stage the SUPER DIRTCAR SERIES, and after a relaxing day at home I set off from my home in Cornwall at 4-00 pm for the two hour drive.

Once again the Quebec fans turned out in great numbers to see their SUPER DIRTCAR heros.

Taking pictures at Granby has always been one of the most challenging tracks, with the pits in the middle and Jersey barriers surrounding them.

There are very few spots where there are no Jersey barriers and that’s where most of us ‘togs’ head for. For the first part of the night I was on the corner of turn three and four

Just like the previous night at Drummond, there was a lengthy drivers introduction prior the the big race.

Once it got started, I took my position in the gap in the Jerseys on turn one.

On Lap 29 there was a massive wreck on the front stretch that involved about a dozen cars. Everyone walked away OK, but a lot of very nice cars were extensively damaged.

After about a thirty minute delay while the carnage was cleared, the race resumed.

Larry Wight  and Australian Peter Britten made the early running, until Matt  Sheppard came up and made his move.

Wight faded and Sheppard took the lead from Britten,  and when the checkers fell, it was Sheppard, from Britten with Erick Rudolphe third.

The delay for the wreck, put things back, and it was about 11-30 , I left the track.

A late finish was not what I wanted, but I still managed to make it in time for my early morning appointment at the Cornwall Hospital, for the start of  two days of  I.V.I.G transfusions .

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