Weekly Report (7th October 2019)

Weekly Report (7th October 2019) 

The beginning of October means one thing for Dirt Racing fans, and that’s SUPER DIRT WEEK in Central New York. 

For many years the ‘kick off’ party , a few days before ,  has taken place at the Fulton Speedway.

The event was formerly known as the VICTORIA 200, but when the title was transferred to another track, a few years back, it became known as the OUTLAW 200.

It’s a huge hit with the fans , who come in their hoards to begin SDW . 

A month ago I was discharged from the Ottawa Civic Hospital after a relapse in my Myasthenia Gravis. Slowly I’ve been on the mend and pacing myself for the best few weeks in Dirt Racing.

After a week that involved two I.V.I.G transfusions I was ready for a road-trip to the OUTLAW 200.

It’s a two-day show that starts on Friday but it was the main events on Saturday that were my goal.  Once again, my good friend Chanty, joined me for this one.

We left Cornwall, Ontario about 9-30 am and after a few stops along the way, we were in Fulton for 1-30 pm. As usual the grounds were packed full of campers ,but we were lucky to find a parking spot close to the pit gates.

We had had a wander round the pits chatting with friends before I headed to my favorite shooting spot on turn three and four. It was great to be back with my CNY ‘tog buddies’.

It was a cold night so I limited my time on the middle to shooting the Modified Heats and Feature. 

The first Feature was for the Sportsman, which also happened to be a DIRTCAR Series Race.

This was won by Kyle Inman after a good battle with Matt Janczuk. Canada’s Brad Rouse followed them to the checkers.

This was followed by the OUTLAW 200 for the Modifieds.

The race consisted of two 100 laps sections, with the yellow flags  falling for a universal pit stop, after the first 100 .

Early leader was Gary Tomkins driving the # 121 car.

At the break Matt Sheppard , who’d started near the front was the leader, with Mike Maresca not far behind.

On the restart , Sheppard continued leading until Maresca powered by on lap 120.

Sheppard was then passed by Mat Williamson and Tim Sears who had moved up through the pack.

Both of then homed in on the 7m car of Maresca and as the race moved to the final 25 laps all three looked likely winners.  A couple of late cautions added to the drama, but Maresca managed to hold them off to the end.

It was a great race that kept the winner in doubt until the checkers fell.

By the time, I’d finished at the Victory Lane celebrations it was 11-30,.

Once we managed to get out of the busy parking lot, we were back at our accommodation in town , just five minutes away.

On Sunday morning it was time to head for home.

After a relaxing drive up I81   we took Hwy 37 beside the St Lawrence Seaway up to the Cornwall border crossing..