New Year Report  14th January 2020

It’s been over a month since I attended my last racing event, Christmas and New Year  are over and we are now heading towards the middle of January.

At Christmas, I made a last minute decision to head to Austin, Texas to spend  the holiday with my daughter Carla.

Early on Monday morning of the 23rd December , I left my car at my buddy Don Simpsons place in Russell and he drove me to Ottawa Airport. From Ottawa I flew Air Canada to Toronto where I got my connection to Austin.

I was in Texas for six days and it was great to see my grand kids Benji and Sophia  again.

While I was there I had the use of Carla’s Mazda to run around in.

It spent an enjoyable few days  in the sunshine before I was back in  Canada’s cold on  Sunday 29th Dec.

I was lucky, and just missed a big freezing rain storm that caused chaos to flights the following day. 

So far, January has been milder than normal and at this time , the local ice racing is yet to start. Colder weather is in the forecast, so hopefully I will soon have some racing to report. 




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