STAY SAFE and ISOLATE , March 2020


As we begin to pull out of winter, I’d been looking forward to the start of March with a number of things penciled into my diary . I was even looking into  flights with a forthcoming trip to the UK on the cards.

Little did I know, that all my plans would have to be shelved, as the whole world got ‘turned upside down’ within just a few days.

The first week of the month went very well,  when on Sunday the 1st of March ,  I joined my buddy Don Simpson on a short road trip to Mooers Forks, New York  to the racing shop of local Dirt Racer , Jamy Begor.

Don was doing an interview for the media, and seeing as I’d known Jamy for quite a few years, I went along for the ride.


We were made very welcome by Jamy and his wife Beth, and spent a couple of hours in the shop chatting.  It was a great afternoon out.

During the past couple of months the world media had been reporting about a serious virus that had affected China, and had since moved into Europe where it was spreading like wild fire. It is known as the Corona Virus  or COVID 19 and was becoming more serious by the day as many people were dying.

Advisories to citizens ,  not to make unnecessary travel and avoid mass gatherings were made by the governments of many countries.

My plans to attend the Mohawk International Speedway Awards Banquet in Hogansburg , New York on the 7th of March was one of the first events on my schedule to be canceled.

The following  week started sadly for me, on Monday the 9th of March when I heard that my long time friend Mick Black (or Blacky as we all new him) in the UK had passed away.

Mick had been a close friend since I first met him in 1972 and was a great help in my racing days. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t think it would of been possible. We traveled many miles together over the years, and we stayed in touch, even though I’ve since emigrated.   

R.I.P    Mick,  old mate, it was a pleasure and privilege to have known you, and shared so many happy times.

The following week the world situation continued to get worse , as most sporting events and other mass gatherings were forced to cancel.

I had planned to be in Syracuse, New York on the 13th/14th March for the Indoor Midget Racing and Motor Sports Expo , but  new legislation direct from the State forced the organizers to pull the plug , just days before they opened.

All over the globe, countries have been closing their borders and air travel has become almost non existent . People have been told to stay at home and non essential businesses are closed.

As the virus moved in to North America, the land border between Canada and the USA has now been closed except for food transport and other necessary people .

As I end this report , I’m self isolating at home in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, trying to do my best to help contain the situation.

Parked up and Self Isolating beside the St Lawrence, near Cornwall.

Please do the same, the sooner we can beat this thing the better.


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