Brockville Summer Sizzler (Weekly Report 3 Aug 2020)

Brockville Summer Sizzler (Weekly Report 3 Aug 2020)

It’s been another quiet week with just one event for me to attend. On Saturday the 1st August , my local Brockville Ontario Speedway, held their second show of the year, adhering to the strict COVID 19 requirements. Once again Autodrome Granby in Quebec, had a clashing fixture. 

In these challenging times, all of the race promoters need the support of the media, so I try to share myself around for my contribution of ‘picture taking’ .

So far this year, I have attended all the shows at Cornwall,  two at Granby, and one each at Humberstone, Merrittville and Brockville. \

So it was the turn of Brockville again for me this weekend 

Leading up to Saturday,  I needed a new set of tires for my trusty Impala, so on Friday I got looked after by my good friend ( and Dirt Racer) Gilles Goddard at Seaway GM in Cornwall. 

My Chev Impala with nice new tires beside the St Lawrence Seaway , Cornwall

I’ve been a loyal customer to Seaway for over 15 years and have always got good service .  There is a long list of local racers employed at the facility , and I always believe in giving my business to companies connected to my favorite sport.

So, on Saturday morning I set off early for the B.O.S because  I intended to do a slight detour to Merrickville.

A Leyland ‘Skip’ Carrier by Dinky
A nice Dinky Vauxhall Cresta

Once again I was dropping by a collectable store, to get a few additions to my passion of old diecast cars and trucks.

After a late lunch in Smiths Falls I was at the track early enough to see the long line of race car haulers waiting to get in.

I was expecting the Modified numbers to be down a little, with Granby running the same night, but what a pleasant surprise it was when I saw how the numbers were boosted by the many visiting Niagara area drivers.

Dalton Slack
Todd Gordon
Darren Peters

Pete Bicknell, Todd Gordon, Austin Wood , Mike Bowman , Gary Lindberg and Dalton Slack were all there to take on the Brockville regulars.

I had my usual pit wander and stopped by to see my buddies Ralph Murphy and Luke Whitteker.

Luke and Ralph

I listened in to the drivers meeting then headed to my usual spot on the middle, by turn one and two.

On the middle I was joined by ‘Tog buddies’ John Lyng, Jim Clarke and Henry Hannewyk.

As well as the 35 lap headline event for the 358 Modifieds, the program also consisted of Sportsman, Rookie Sportsman , Crate Sprints and Mini Stocks.

During the intermission the father and son ‘starter team’ of a Gary and Nate Vandermeer payed me a visit on the center.

Nate is aware of my diecast passion via Face Book and had messaged me saying he’d got some old ones due for renovating. 

He had some in his ‘starters bag’ , just ripe for a few winter projects.

First of the Features was for the Crate Sprints which was won by DJ Christie.

This was followed by the Sportsman, where Jarratt Herbison had a race long battle with Cedric Gauvreau to get the win.

Next up was the big one, the 35 lapper for the Mods.  With so many visiting ‘class act drivers’ I knew we were in for a good one.

I wasn’t to be disappointed , as Gary Lindberg shrugged off the challenge from BOS local Ryan Arbuthnott to get the win.

Mike Bowman and Luke Whitteker weren’t far behind to take third and fourth.

Cornwall’s Mike Gaucher took the Mini Stock Feature.

To end the night it was the Rookie Sportsman where Tehonatsiathe Thompson passed and challenged previous winner Fire Swamp to take the checkers.

Everything was done in Victory Lane by 10-45 , and before too long the Impala was heading back up the 401 to Cornwall. 

Back home about mid night, perfect !

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