November 2020

November 2020, 

Well, with the COVID pandemic still with us, the  month of November was a quiet one, with not much happening. I was passing the time going for joy rides in my car along the banks of the St Lawrence Seaway or picking up additions to my diecast car collection.

Morrisburg, Ontario
Iroquois Ship Lock, Ontario

I started a project, building a model of the # 5 Doug Wardropper stock car of 1965. He was my first hero when I started following stock car racing as a kid. 







I ordered a plastic construction kit of a SIMCA German staff car as a body source for the model.

The body on the Wardropper was from a 1935 Fiat Topolino , which just happens to be the same one used on that SIMCA.

Another project to get me through these boring times, is diorama road layout for diecasts, that when finished, will be set up in the basement.

Towards the end of the month , I was contacted by my former employer Walmart Fleet,  inviting me to the office for a belated retirement presentation. 

Up until the diagnosis of my Myasthenia Gravis condition , a few years back I had been one of the companies drivers.



I officially retired in February of this year after more than 15 years with the company and was presented with a nice plaque and some travel luggage