A visit to Brianna Ladouceur’s Race Shop (18th of May 2021)

A visit to Brianna Ladouceur’s Shop (18th of May 2021). 

I’ve watched Brianna Ladouceur, from my own City of Cornwall progress from her childhood racing at the local Kart track, to where she is now in Dirt Modifieds. 

From Karts she moved on to the Dirt Demons, then followed that by a switching  to Sportsman on the cities quarter mile dirt oval at the Cornwall Motor Speedway.

She’s had a very successful career to date, and has many wins under her belt.

After a few try-outs in the 358 Modifieds  in 2020 , she will be racing  them full time this coming season.  Also the Big Block Modifieds are in the plans at a few selected races.

On Tuesday 18th of May , Don Simpson and myself were invited to the shop to take a few pictures.

Brianna’s shop is located at the family home just outside the city where she lives with her parents, Mike and Lysa.

The race shop is very impressive, with all the right equipment, which include four race cars.

As mentioned earlier , the ambitious plans for this year, providing the COVID restrictions are lifted,  include following the DirtCar  SERIES  in both 358 and Big Block.

Good Luck Brianna and the team, and a big thanks for your hospitality.