A Busy Day on the 29th of June 2021

A Busy Day on Tuesday the 29th of June 2021

I don’t want to get too ‘political’ but I’m sure my friends around the world are well aware  of the poor performance by Canada’s Federal Government in rolling out COVID vaccinations. Friends and family in the USA and the UK had theirs a long time before me.

I had my first shot at the Kanata COSTCO in April and was fully vaccinated on Tuesday 29th of June.  It would of been later than that , if I had waited for my official notice. I took the initiative to chase around and  get it done sooner.

I managed to get an appointment at the Don Gamble Center in the St Laurent Complex in Ottawa at 10-40am

So my morning started with the 1 hour 15 minute drive to Ottawa.

I was there in good time , and although they were running about 25 minutes late, the experience was very well organized.

While in Ottawa I paid a visit to a hobby shop in Napean , where I added some diecasts to my collection, I’ve always loved Jaguars, and picked up two I’d been searching for.

An SS 2-5 litre and a Mk 7 Saloon. Both made by Oxford Diecast, as new,  and still in their boxes.

Once done in Ottawa , I headed back to Cornwall. It was pouring with rain for most of the journey, but by the time I got home it was dry, and there’d been no rain.

This was a good sign , as my plans for the evening were to attend the season opener of the Cornwall Kart Track.

It was time for youngsters to get back to the track on the small oval at the Cornwall Motor Speedway.

During my walk around , I bumped into a number of friends normally seen on the big track .

Lee Ladouceur  was there helping his kids with their karts.

So was Yan Robinson with his son.

Kevin Lobb was there with his son Alex.

Cliff Merpaw, the joint owner of the # 16 Gage Morin Modified was there with his Grandchildren.

I must also mention Trayce David, the latest member of the David family to grace the Cornwall track.

His Mother Fallon,  is the daughter of the late Junior David, who’s family have been associated with the Cornwall Motor Speedway for many years.

Once the racing got under way I grabbed my camera  and started shooting,

There was quite a good turn out for the our future stars.