The week of the Canadian Big Block Series 19/20/21 July 2021

Canadian Big Block Series 19/20/21 July 2021.

A refreshing new event added to Ontario and Quebec’s dirt racing scene for this year has been the Canadian Big Block Series. The mid week tour, coinciding with the Quebec ‘Construction Holiday’ began on Monday the 19th of July , at Autodrome Drummond , with Autodrom Granby scheduled for Tuesday and the Cornwall Motor Speedway on Wednesday. The plan was to stay in Quebec for the first two rounds, then drive straight home after Granby.

Around midday on Monday I was joined by my good friend Chanty Lesage for the trip up to Drummondville. After booking into the Best Western we were at the track in good time to meet up with our friends in the Cedric Gauvreau Sportsman team.

Cedric was taking part in the supporting program that also included, Lightening Sprints, STR’s, and Mod Lites.

A good crowd packed the grandstands as we begin to see a light at the end of the COVID tunnel .

It was good to see a few other of my local drivers in attendance, Carey Terrance, Brian McDonald, Brianna Ladouceur , Ryan Arbuthnott and Gage Morin.

The inner oval was also operating for the Sling Shots.

After the warm ups, the heat races began .

I stood on turn three and four for the heat races.

Just as the qualifying heats were over, the heavens opened and a down pour prevailed. So I quickly took shelter in the Gauvreau Team Hauler

I must admit, it was at this stage I thought the night was over, but somehow the prep guys got the track back and good for racing , so the show continued. 

The Sportsman Consi was up first which was followed shortly by the Big Block race.

After much razzmatazz, and a firework display the race eventually got under way.

With all the rain that had taken place , I didn’t venture back on the middle, and instead , became a race fan and watched from the grandstand.

This turned out to be an excellent race where Carey Terrance held the lead for the majority of laps, As the race continued both Arbathanott and Ladouceur looked set to pass until needing to pit. Terrance also had to make a pitstop as his fuel ran out,  leaving the race to a late challenging Mathieu Desjardins to take the win.

Sebastien Cougeon  and Michel Parent completed the podium

By now it was quite late so the rest of the program was canceled.

The night continued with some serious partying with the Gauvreau Team.

The weather for the Granby race wasn’t looking good, and as I ate my breakfast, the expected cancelation for the forecasted heavy rain was given.

That meant one thing, a return home to Cornwall.

It made things easier and gave me more rest, before for an early morning IVIG appointment at the Cornwall Hospital  

 Wednesday the forecast was a lot better for the next Big Block Series race set for the Cornwall Motor Speedway.

In the afternoon after my transfusions and prior to the races, I had a bit of mishap,  when it became apparent  I’d lost my phone. 

Much time was spent hunting for it before heading to the Virgin Phone store to get a new one. I still managed to get to the races in good time to get my car on the middle behind Victory Lane.

There were only four divisions racing on this occasion , which was just fine for those of us wanting an early finish. 

The order of events went Mini Stocks, Rookie Sportsman, Sportsman and Big Blocks .

Winner of the Ministock feature was Dan Cook , in the recently acquired James Clarke car.

This was followed by the Rookie Sportsman, where Justin Cyr grabbed another win.

I must add, that this was his 16th Birthday, so I managed to persuade his large gathering of friends and family to sing “Happy Birthday To You” to him

The intermission was next, and without too much of a delay , the Big Blocks entered the track for the headline race.

Just like Drummond , much of the race was dominated by Carey Terrance, with Corey Wheeler and Shane Pecore also looking good.

As they say, the cream rises to the top and within a few laps to go, Mat Williamson was there for another big win.

The Final race of the night was the Sportsman feature .

It was my friend Jarrett Herbison , who worked his way to the front on this one, so I joined in for a Victory Lane

 Thanks to Daniel Coulombe for the Pic.

So the first Canadian Big Block Series , didn’t reach a conclusion, as the rain delayed Granby race is yet to run.