Week End Report ( 13/14/15 August 2021)

Week End Report  (13/14/15 August 2021)

Things never went to plan this past weekend, what with one thing or another.

Originally I’d intended going to Friday or Saturday’s shows of the GP3R that was taking place in Trois Riviers, Quebec.

It’s an annual three day event, involving Sundays NASCAR Pintys Series race.

The headline event, didn’t interest me,  but additions to the program on Friday and Saturday did. For the first time ever the dirt modifieds would be going round the paved road course.

The best day for me would of been Friday, but both days involved  attending some mandatory early morning media meetings.  Not viable for me  with a three hour drive to get there.

I was still relying on the ‘loaner’ vehicle while my Impala was being repaired. So after weighing up the situation, I decided to give it a miss.

My buddy Don Simpson, was there for both days and here is one of his great pictures.

Saturdays big race was won # 35 Francois Bellemare.

My choice of track for Saturday was now the local Brockville Ontario Speedway, and I drove down there in my Traverse ‘loaner’.

The main attraction that night was the two modified features, one of which, was a rain-delayed race from  24th of July.

On the down side,   there was also a rain-delayed Mini Stock race to start the night, which turned into a ‘night mare’ .

It lasted  an eternity , with caution after caution as the guys seemed intent on crashing and banging into each other.

The eventual winner was Hayden Brown.

The rain-delayed modified feature was next, which was also plagued with more than the occasional caution

Tristan Draper took this one .

After these make up races, the regular nights heat races began.

Modifieds, Sportsman, Rookie Sportsman, Street Stocks and Mini-Stocks. (luckily no Sprints or Vintage on the program) .

It was going to be a late night for sure.

As usual some of the features were held before intermission.

First was the Rookie Sportsman, won by Justin Cyr.

Todd Raabe took the Street Stocks.

The regular nights features for the Sportsman and Modifieds were the last two races of the night so I had to endure another Mini Stock feature before heading home.

Hayden Brown, won this one too.

The Sportsman race was a good one , where Ricky Thompson edged past Jarrett Herbison to grab the checkers.

Thompson’s joy was short lived , only to find his car was ‘light’ on the scales , so Herbison was then declared the winner.

The Modified Feature went the duration with few delays.

Tristan Draper was on a roll, making it two feature wins in one night.

The racing was all over before 11-15, and I was soon on my way back up the 401 , and home to Cornwall.

I was late getting home, which meant late to bed,  so a lay-in on Sunday morning was in order for yours truly.

Sunday night was spent at my home track, the Cornwall Motor Speedway , and arrived there around 4-30 .

The first people I met were Lance and Raechelle Willix from Theresa , New York, who were chatting with Timmy Baltz, the CMS announcer.

Lance being the first USA driver taking advantage of the recent relaxation in border restrictions. (USA citizens  can now cross into Canada, but Canadians still not allowed to cross to the USA)  Go figure that out , damn it.

Glad to see them both here, hope to see many more in the coming weeks. 

A little bit further down the pits , I bumped into ex NASCAR driver Isabelle Tremblay who was there to do a few intermission hot laps in the Steve Morris Sportsman car.

Steve is the person behind the ‘Race for a Cure’ cancer fund raiser , and Isabelle was there to do her part.

It was also great to see my good friend Taya Heldens in the pits, For many years she was the Victory Lane presenter at the B.O.S , and is now the partner of my buddy Luke Whitteker.

There was a full program and 117 cars in the pits.

The regular, Modified, Sportsman, Rookie Sportsman were joined by Street Stocks and Late Models making a guest appearance. Add to this, a rain delayed make up race for the Rookie Sportsman.

Even before the racing began, it was obviously a recipe, for a very late finish.

I was joined by Isabelle and Nicolas Vaillant, on the pit tower as I took some hot lap and time trial shots.

I then moved to the middle.


To start the night we had the make up feature for the Rookies which was won by Justin Cyr.

We then continued with the heat races. There were a lot of them, but thankfully very few cautions.

Before intermission we had the feature for the Street Stocks, where Olivier Boissennault took the checkers.

This was followed by two Consi’s for the Sportsman.

There was plenty going on at Intermission,

A drivers redraw on the front stretch, a childrens poster competition, rides for kids in a four wheel buggy plus Isabelle’s hot laps in the  Morris car.

After this, the Late Models had their feature .

Following an early race wreck and a red flag, they settled down to put on a pretty good race.

Andrew Hennessy won this one.

The Sportsman were next for the 50 lap ‘Race for the Cure’ .

Ryan Stabler got this one.

The 40 lap Modified feature was a good one with very few delays (actually, I think it went green to checkers)  .

Corey Wheeler and Lance Willix were the main contenders in this . They both fought a fierce battle until Corey pulled away and Lance dropped back.

Towards the end when  back markers came into play , the gap got smaller, but as the checkers fell, it was Corey in the position that mattered.

It was mid night when the Rookie Sportsman , the final race of the night took to the track for there 15 lapper.

Glad to say these guys put on great display and went green to checkers .

In less than 10 minutes, we had Tristan Ladouceur parked up in Victory Lane collecting his silverware.

Wow ! , what a weekend , two long nights of racing.

Monday afternoon I had the good news from SEAWAY GM , telling me my Impala was ready to pick up.

Thanks to Corey Wheeler  (yes the same guy who won the feature) and his team at SEAWAY GM for supplying and fitting the transmission.