Weekly Blog 9th May 2022

Weekly Blog  9th May 2022

The week started off quietly, with not much going on, but things got busier towards the weekend.

On Tuesday the 3rd of May I took a short drive across town to the Cornwall Motor Speedway and found Ron Morin doing a bit of track prep in readiness for Thursdays scheduled practice day.

I joined him in the truck for a few laps, and the track was looking good.

When Thursday arrived I was back there and it was great to see such a good turn out of cars from all divisions.

Richard Bourassa and Ted Lesage (not in picture) were kept busy at the scales doing tech.

My good friends from Seaway GM were there,, Corey Wheeler  with his Modified and then with their Sportsman , were Gilles Godard and Thomas Cook.

I also met up with a young rookie from the Sportsman division by the name of Marco McCarthy who comes from Glen Robertson , Ontario. He’s a local hockey player on the Casselman team and has also  had a short spell of racing Slingshots .

Tristan Ladouceur was there with his famous grandfather Laurent , who also went out for a few laps.

Cornwall Motor Speedway (Practice) 5th May 2022 Rick @ the Races

Tammy Jalbert will be making a come back this year in the # 95,

She will be racing the car at Brockville on Saturday night , while her husband Dan will be behind the wheel at Cornwall, on Sundays.

Cornwall Motor Speedway (Practice) 5th May 2022 Rick @ the Races

As stated , there were plenty of cars , so I was taking a lot of pictures 

On Friday the 6th May , I ended up staying at home.  I could of gone to the Brewerton Speedway or Can Am Speedway in New York for the Modifieds , or even gone to a Sportsman event at Autodrome Granby .

With gas prices now up to an all time high,  just shy of 2 bucks a liter I decided to take Friday off. 

Instead I had my afternoon  drink of Timmie’s , down at the Cornwall Harbor watching the activities of a Canadian Coast Guard ship.

On Saturday morning (the 7th May)  I heard the sad news that one of my New York  photographer friends had passed away. 

Don Romeo was from Watkins Glen and one of the ‘gang’ from CNY , His patch was the Canandaigua Speedway (Land of Legends) .


R.I.P  Don, I will miss that sweet aroma of your cigars wafting through the night  air.

My racing agenda for the evening was the Airborne Speedway at Plattsburgh , NY . and I was joined by my buddy Don Simpson.

I must admit , Airborne is one of my favorite local tracks and  it’s not too far from home. 

A special event for Modifieds was taking place, and a few surprise visitors were expected. As well as the Mods, there was a regular show for Sportsman and the domestic 4 and 8 cylinders.

During my pit wander, I bumped into Chantal Provencher from Victoriaville , Quebec.

She’d been racing at Can Am the night before and the car needed some adjustments.

It was good to see Mike Mehaney at Airborne with the # 35 Adirondack  Auto car.

The # 35 car with Adirondack Auto on the side has been a regular fixture at Airborne for many years.

During my pit walk about , I also had a good chat with my local Akwesasne friends , Robert Delormier and car owner Dave Thompson.

The track was in great shape, and the dust problems from last weeks  had been rectified

The first Feature was for the Modifieds and after an early lead by Mathieu Desjardins, Chris Raabe got past and charged his way to Victory .

Mike Mehaney closed in on Raabe,  towards the end  but was never a threat. Carey Terrance completed the top three.

The Sportsman Feature was up next , where Robert Delormier took charge right from the start and went on to take the checkers. 

Following  the Victory Lane pictures, Don and I made our exit, and were soon heading back to Canada.

My Sunday was spent on the couch watching a piece of history on TV.

It was the first ever F1 Grand Prix to be held in Miami. 

It wasn’t the most exciting race I’ve seen (LOL) but it was good to watch this memorable event.  Max Verstappen took the win in the Red Bull.