Retro Reports

THE RETRO REPORTS  from 1958 to 2005 can be found by going to


on the opening page , then scrolling down.

For a particular yearly RETRO REPORT  click on December 31 of the desired year .

The Reports covering 1958 to 1966 are combined , as are the ones covering 1967 to 1968.


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  1. Hello,
    My father was Frank Zett an American from Austin Texas and raced #420 which was from Ray Scriven #110. He raced around 1979. I was looking for any articles and or pictures you might have. I wanted to surprise him with a birthday gift. He holds these memories very dearly to his heart. Anything you may have would be much appreciated. I was only 5-6 years old at that time, but even my memories of this time are precious to me.

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