Another Win For Matty Weekly Report 29th Sept 2020

Another Win For Matty     Weekly Report (29th Sept 2020)

This past weekend saw me back again at the Autodrome Drummond in Quebec on Friday night ,  and at my home town track of the Cornwall Motor Speedway, on Sunday. 

My plans for Drummond were a bit uncertain, with my Chev Impala going into the bodyshop on Thursday for some attention to a few minor rust spots. 

I had the use of my buddy, Ron Morin’s Lincoln Town Car as a run about until it was done.

I didn’t know what time my car would be ready on Friday, so made arrangements with Don Simpson to go to the races in his Suburu, if  necessary . 

As things turned out, the Impala was back in my hands by lunch time, so at 1-30 pm, Don and I were heading up to Drummond.

On arrival, one of the first friends we bumped into was Claude Benoit, a long time fan, that we see at most of our local tracks.

Friday nights races were day one of a two day schedule. This portion of the weekend, was for the Feature races that got canceled a few weeks earlier due to rain.

Don and I were returning back to Ontario that night and were hopeful of an early finish.

Before the regular races got under way, I took a few pictures of the Sling Shots on the small inner oval.

Once the hot laps were over, the program commenced with the ‘rain-delayed’ feature of the STR’s .

It wasn’t until the Victory Lane ceremonies took place, that I realized who was driving the # 42 , winning car.

It was none other , than promoter Yan Busierre ‘guesting’ the Carl Labonte car.

Next up, was the Sportsman Feature , where my ‘tutor’ from last weeks DRIVR test drive at the R.P.M Speedway, Alex Lajoie took the checkers.

The Modified Feature followed this , and it was Mathieu Desjardins  # 37M and Steve Bernier # 25  who duked it out for most of the 50 laps.  It was one of the best races you could wish to see, as they traded positions through out.

As they crossed the finish line it was our good friend Steve who got the honors. 

It was a pleasure to join Steve , for this  picture. Thanks to our buddy , Daniel Mailhot for this shot.

The Mod-Lite race was the last of the ‘rain-delayed’ Features and was won by Keven Boucher Carrier.

To end the evening , a  15 lap, Dash for Cash was staged for five of the Modifieds. 

With Desjardins  starting on pole, it didn’t need much guessing who was going to be the winner .

It was all over by 10-00 pm , and we got the early finish we’d hoped for.

We were soon on the road heading south, and before 1-00 am I was back in my house in Cornwall.

On Saturday, I wasn’t sure whether to head back to Drummond for ‘day two’  or not, but when another option came my way, I decided against it.

As mentioned before, I collect diecasts, and when a Citroen 1200 van came up for sale, on line in Ottawa, I had to have it .

I’ve always had a passion for those quirky  French , ‘Tin Sheds on Wheels’ since I was a kid.

I remember my first family vacation to France in 1966, and staying at campsite in Dunkirk where me and my brother Chris had fun playing on a scrapped one. 

So in the afternoon I was heading for Ottawa.

To top my evening off , I met up with my good friend Chanty, for a steak and shrimp supper at Moxys Bar and Grill , in Gloucester.

On Sunday (27th Sept) I made the short drive across town to my local Cornwall Motor Speedway.

I got there mid afternoon in good time to see the race teams arrive.

One of the first in the pits, was Brian McDonald # 151KB  with a new ride.

The program consisted of Modifieds, Sportsman, Vintage Mods, Lightening Sprints and Mini Stocks.

On my pit walk about I found Eric Gauvreau , father of Cedric, who was getting ready to get behind the wheel of their back up car.

Eric , a former Pro Stock and 358 Modified driver was returning to the tracks after a long lay off.

With the nights starting to get darker earlier as we head into fall, , my photography is now concentrated from the center. 


The first of the features , was for the Lightening Sprints which was won by Jordon Poirier .

The 50 lap Modified event was next , and it was Carey Terrance # 66xthat made the early running, chased by Matt Williamson # 6. It wasn’t long before Williamson got past , and as Terrance dropped back, it was Steve Bernier # 25 on his tail.

It looked like the race would end this way, until Corey Wheeler # 47s came up to challenge and passed Bernier.

This was how the race ended , with three of my good friends on the podium.


Do you detect a bit of self indulgence here ?  Well I guess it’s one of the perks of the job 🙂 

Thanks to Daniel Coulombe and Don Simpson for the pics of me with the ‘elite’.

The Sportsman feature was next , and what a great race this was.

For half of the 50 lapper we were treated to a great battle for the lead between Eric Gauvreau # 22E and Robert Delormier #1 .

They switched place for the lead many times before the younger of the two got the better (Robert) .

Gauvreau had a great run and just missed out on a podium finish with a respectable fourth after Gabriel Cyr and Johnathan Fergusson #44  got by. 

Delormier was the winner.

It was the Vintage Modified feature next where Josh Power got himself another win.

In the 50’s and 60’s class, Kayla Charland got the win .

To end the night, it was the turn of the Mini Stocks where local Cornwall driver Justin Jodion got his first victory of the year.

‘On paper’ , it looked like it would be long night, but with a great track surface and a swift turn around , things got finished a  lot earlier than expected. It was done by 10-00 pm.  perfect !