End of January 2023 BLOG

End of January 2023

This January we seem to have had a lot more snow than usual in my area,  judging by all the snow banks .

I’m glad my work days are over , and no longer have to drive a big transport truck each day when its like this. It’s nice to sit in doors and only go out if I need to.

I attended my first race of the year on the Saturday the 21st , when I visited Ormstown , Quebec for the Challenge Sur Neige.

Ormstown is located between Valleyfield and Franklin which is close to the USA border.  So it wasn’t far for me to go.

Racing was held on the snow covered Showgrounds and I arrived in good time for the 11-00 am start time.

I met up with promoter Sylvain Allard and his son Matthieu.

Matthieu was the starter


There were two divisions for the cars , as well as races for Quads.

The 8 cylinder cars raced on a smaller kidney shaped track and the 4 cylinder and Quads raced on a bigger road course.

While I was there, I bumped into a number of friends.

Sylvain Lauwers , who is a member of my team of photographers at the Cornwall Motor Speedway.

As this was a new venue for auto racing, it tempted my TRACKCHASING buddy Will White to make the trip up from Quakertown, Pennsylvania

FLASHBACK to 2006 and TRACKCHASER Will White being interviewed by Brian Mulligan at the Hippodrome du Quebec

We’ve known each other for many years .

He joined me in September 2006 to the historic first ever and only Dirt Modified racing to be held at the Hippodrome in Quebec City.

Even though two configurations of track were on offer  (small and larger road Courses ) we only gained one new track for our totals. 

It brought my TRACKCHASING totals to 249

This was my one and only racing event for January, as we await the ice to freeze. Milder weather has caused a delay to the start of the Ice Racing season.

R.I.P   Pete Tucker

I learned on Thursday the 18th of January of the sad passing of Pete Tucker. He was one of the original ‘Barn Stormers’ of British Stock Car Racing. He began racing in 1954, the year it all started in the UK.

 I got to know him quite well during the 1980’s , until I emigrated to Canada in the mid 1990’s .

We met at the Veteran Stock Car Association functions and at events for our other mutual interest of Classic American Cars. Pete would often be the announcer as the cars entered the parade ring  at the AAC shows.

Here’s Pete giving his opinion of my Mustang Ghia in the Parade at the AAC Rally at Billing

I have fond memories of one great night we had at a car show at a Rock n Roll Disco  at the USAF base at Chicksands (nr Shefford Bedfordshire) .  Oh Boy , I consumed lots of Michelob ,  and had a sore head the next morning .

He must also remembered for his great book entitled ‘The Thrill of the Century’.

It’s a compelling read , that tells of his barnstorming days during the birth of British Stock Car Racing.

I have to confess, I was so impressed by , that it later became the influence on my decision to do my Rick @ the Races reports. From a small mailing list at the beginning , they developed into this web site.

R.I.P  Pete, it was an honor to say I knew you.


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