Weekly Report (10 Sept 2018)

Weekly Report (10 Sept 2018)

Just like the last few reports, this week began with another trip to the Cornwall Hospital , on Wednesday 5 Sept for my continuing medical issues. Once that was out of the way, I could then look forward to Friday and a busy weekend of events.

The Big Block Modified Super DirtCar Series was back in Canada with two back to back races in Quebec. On Friday, the tour was at the RPM Speedway near St Marcel, and on Saturday it was making its second visit of the year to Autodrome Drummond.

Instead of staying overnight  in Quebec, and doing them both I had other plans, with only the RPM show on my schedule. There was also a DirtCar ProStocks Series programmed that night

So, on Friday I was joined by my good friends Chantal Lesage and ‘Tog buddy’ Don Simpson.

It was a lovely sunny and dry day and we arrived at the track around 4-30 pm, in time to find a good parking spot, and to socialize with friends.

One of the first people we met was my other close friend Ron Morin, who had decided to stay up in Quebec for day two.

Among the many friends I chatted to, were Mathieu Boisvert # 73, who has been having some great runs in recent weeks.

Then I spotted Mad Max McGlaughlin and his girl friend Shayla  who was busy with his shirt sales. 

When it was time for the drivers meeting , Chantal joined me to take some pics while I listened to what was said. 

 Once it was over, Chantal then joined her friends on the Lebrun Pro Stock Team, while Don and I took our positions on the middle to shoot our pics.

The track was in good shape and as always at RPM, it offered some great photo ops.

As well as the Modified and Pro Stock Series races, there were also Speedsters,Lightening Sprints and Slingshots padding out the program.

My good friend Terry Ladouceur, has taken up Lightening Sprints this year so went chatting with him during intermission.

He decided he wanted to take a picture of me, sitting on his car, so I willingly obliged.

After the support divisions had ran there features it was time for the two big ones.

The Big Block 100 lapper was first, after the redraw on the front stretch.

Max McGlaughlin drew the pole


Like so many other SDS races, Matt Sheppard took control and he  looked all set for another win, until a late caution altered things.

On the restart Jimmy Phelps, who had been chasing him hard, got the better , by diving down to the bottom.

Sheppard tried hard to regain the lead, but it  didn’t happen.

In the dying laps Danny Johnson got past Sheppard but had not enough time to make an impression on Phelps.


It was quite refreshing to see, as it’s been a while since I’ve photographed Jimmy in the SDS Victory Lane.

Danny Johnson, got second with Matt Sheppard completing the podium.

The final race of the night was the Pro Stock Series race which was dominated by Yves Hamel and C.D Beauchamp, until some questionable antics by another driver put them and most of the front runners out of contention in two separate incidents. The second of which, was a wreck that caused plenty of damage to a number of cars.

After the carnage was cleared from the track Dany Voghel drove to the checkers with Rock Aubin and Mac Lalonde following.

The drama wasn’t over yet, because,  as we waited at Victory Lane for the winner, it was announced he had been DQ’d following the post race weigh in.

So a surprised and happy Rock Aubin got the win with Lalonde taking the runner up spot.

It was quite a race, and it was also quite late, so at 1-30 am we made our exit.

I was home in the early hours, and a long Lay In , on Saturday was needed before the next little adventure.

As stated , I was giving the Autodrome Drummond SDS race a miss , in preference to something nearer to home. The Airborne Park Speedway at Plattsburgh NY were staging another round of the DirtCar Pro Stock series, and after the crazy happenings the night before at RPM, it was going to be an interesting show.

DirtCar Sportsman were also on the program, as well as the domestic divisions.

Don and I left later than usual for the short drive to Plattsburgh and we arrived just before the hot laps .

Compared to the previous night, the Pro Stocks seemed to be well behaved and I didn’t notice any over-aggressive driving.

The Sportsman Feature which was run after intermission was won by  Chris Frennier.

The 50 lap Series race for the Pro Stock , followed.



For the second year running, the race was dominated and won by C.d Beauchamp.

The show was over nice and early and we were back in Cornwall , well before 11-30 pm.

I learned later that Danny Johnson had taken the SDS Victory at Drummond.

On Sunday I had two nearby events planned.

My first port of call was the Demo Derby at the Spencerville Fair where I was meeting up with a couple of good friends.

Taya Heldens, the Victory Lane hostess at the Brockville Ontario Speedway, was competing in it , and her boyfriend, local 358 Modified driver Luke Whitteker was there with her to help out..

The event was not due to start until 1-00pm but I was there by about 11-30 am.

I’d never been to this event before so it gave me a chance to look at some of the other attractions.

After Taya had signed in I took a few pics before she got strapped in to the car.

Then I took my seat in the packed grandstand.

Her event was the first one of the day, so it worked out good for my days schedule.

After a bit of shunting around, poor Taya got wedged into the Jersey Barrier and came to a halt with some bent up parts to the front and rear. 

After the car was lifted from the track, I went back to the pits to bid my farewell , while they figured out if it could be fixed for the consi.

The next thing on my agenda was the annual Enduro at the Cornwall Motor Speedway. 

After a late lunch at the On Route services on Hwy 401 I was at the track shortly after 3-00 pm.

I soon bumped into tech man Ted Lesage and ‘Tog buddy’ Don who was acting as official ‘tog’ of the day. 

I joined Don taking pics for a while before I’d had enough 🙂 

These lighthearted  type of events, that I’d been attending to day, are not really my thing, so by 5-30 pm, and after watching three 50 lap races, I made my exit. 

It wasn’t long before I was back over the other side of town, at home and relaxing .