Watching the Expert at Work …………Weekly Report 19 Oct 2020

Watching the Expert at Work     Weekly Report 19 Oct 2020

Already ‘Cold Turkey’ has set in , with my racing season cut short, for 2020 (Unless a miracle happens and the U.S.A / Canada border is quickly reopened) 

It’s now been a week since we had our local season finale at the Cornwall Motor Speedway.

With racing over , it didn’t stop me from going back there this past weekend.

My good friend , and former track owner, Ron Morin lives beside the track and I went over to his place on Saturday .

Nikki watches on

As well as helping him winterize his pontoon boat and  ‘Toro’ another friend  do the same with his Street Rod, I was there to watch an ‘Expert in Action’.

These days we get a lot of people turn up at the race tracks with cameras, some are ‘wanna be’s’ and some are top notch.

One of the best I’ve known for a long time, is my buddy Don Simpson from Russell , Ont. He studied the art of photography at the Algonquin College in Ottawa and after a long career as official photographer for Power Boat racing, he switched to the dirt tracks, about ten years ago. 

Don was there along with fellow CMS team photographer, Daniel Coulombe to do an official shoot, of Ron’s grand daughter Elizabeth and her partner Thomas Cook.

Thomas is one of our top local Dirt Sportsman drivers and is the grand son  of the legendary Billy Cook ” The Mohawk Express” .

This was no ordinary ‘click and shoot’ photo session, Don brought along all his special lighting equipment and the pictures of them beside the race car in the fall foliage  took over an hour to complete.

I was there to watch the expert in action, so had to be content with the pictures taken on my phone.

The photo session wound up in good time for us all to enjoy a pizza supper in Rons house, the perfect end to the day.

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